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Workers Comp


Can They Fire Me For Filing a Workers Comp Case?

NO.  It is against the law to fire an employee in retaliation for filing workers comp.

How is My Settlement Determined?

There are many factors.  Different body parts are assigned a specific number of weeks in the Workers Compensation Act.  The number of weeks is multiplied by 60 percent of the average weekly wage times the percentage of disability.  That percentage is negotiable based upon the nature extent and duration of the injury.

Do I have to see their doctor?

Sometimes.  An employer can insist on a Section 12 examination (IME) by a doctor of their choice, but does not have the right to dictate the choice of treating physician.

How Long Will This Take?

It varies, but it's always a good idea to get your case filed at the IWCC right away.

Do You Have a Workers Comp Case ?

​Worker's Comp covers accidental injuries arising in and out of the course of employment.   In general, if you've been hurt while working, you have a case.

If you have a compensable case, the main benefits that you are entitled to receive are:

  1. Temporary Total Disability

  2. Payment of Medical Bills

  3. Permanent Partial Disability

Temporary Total Disability  (TTD)

TTD is the compensation that an injured worker is due while off work on Doctor's orders.  This amount will be equal to 60% of the workers average weekly wage, excluding overtime.

Payment of Medical Bills   

An injured worker's medical bills must be paid by the employer.  The injured worker may be treated by the doctor of his choice.  Payment of medical bills should not be taken from or otherwise diminish the injured worker's final settlement.

Permanent Partial Disability (PPD)

In most cases, the injured worker will receive a settlement at the end of the case for his injury.   This is PPD.  In many cases, the employer will pay the medical bills and TTD automatically, but will never be willing to discuss a fair settlement until a case has been filed by an attorney at the Illinois Workers Compensation Comission.

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