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Is this contract still legal? If there is a change that effects me negatively what are my rights?

I recently signed a contract settling my work comp case. I was expecting a swift payout per one of the clauses in the contract. A month and a half later I had not seen a check or heard anything from my attorney about my case.

Steven’s Answer on April 29, 2016

     Relax.  It isn't uncommon for attorneys to have a little back and forth over the language of the settlement contract. It isn't technically a contract until everyone has signed it, and it isn't binding until it's been approved at the commission (the arbitrator can also ask for changes). It's doubtful that any of this will effect your bottom line.
     It isn't uncommon for the process of getting a workers comp settlement contract competed signed, approved and paid to take 6 weeks or more. Sit tight. It will probably all work out fine.


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Isn't this case worth more than $4000?

Approximately one year ago a rolling parking gate fell off its track and hit my leg causing a gaping hole in my leg. The gate was broken and had been placed back on the track and left there. Upon arriving at the hospital it took 21 stitches to close...

Steven’s Answer  April 28, 2016

     Clearly you've received a lowball offer. The point isn't to insult you. The point is that you are not in position to make him pay more. When you try to handle a case like this on your own, you leave yourself at the adjuster's mercy.
     Call an experienced personal injury lawyer, please. The adjuster can call this a "final offer" if he wants, but his offer doesn't have to be the final word. You have the right to file suit and have the value of your case determined by a court of law. The thing is, this adjuster knows that you haven't got a snowball's chance in Haiti of winning a case against his insurance defense lawyers on your own. Right now he's in position to dictate terms and that's why he's lowballing you. Get an experienced personal injury lawyer if you want to get what your case is worth. 

Is 15500 a fair settlement for negligence of used car dealer for letting someone drive without a DL ?

I was involved in a car accident with an undocumented person. He was never issued a driver's license. The car he was driving was from a used car dealership. They have taken responsibility for accident . My car was totaled. I suffered soft tissue injury...

Steven’s Answer on May 19, 2016

​YES,  The value of your case is based upon the nature, extent and duration of your injuries, once liability has been established. Without reading your medical records, it is hard to know the value of your case. I do know that without an attorney, you have no choice but to accept the "final offer". With an attorney, you have two choices: You can accept the offer or you can litigate the case and allow a judge or jury to decide the value. The fact that choice two is available to represented parties will often help them receive a better settlement offer. When that doesn't happen... the "final offer" is not the final say - it can be decided in court.