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Some recent questions and answers are posted here.  These aren't  made up "FAQ's"," these are my answers to real-life questions that people posted  on Avvo.

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​​What happens to an insurance claim after all the medical records and bills are obtained. What is the next steps taken?

I was involved in an accident where I was hurt pretty bad and I been working with the insurance company. Now they have received all of my records and bills and I was told a doctor has to review them and I have never heard of this before. How true is it...

Steven'​s Answer on April 25, 2016 

​      When an insurance company starts putting up extra hurdles and hoops to jump through, that's when I figure it's time to file suit. In your case, it's time.

     No, it isn't true that they HAVE TO have your case reviewed by a doctor, it' just what they've chosen to do in your case. The adjuster and his supervisors have sufficient experience and authority to offer a settlement if that's how they wished to proceed. They've decided to pursue a different path. You should too. Hire an attorney so that your case can be filed and handled properly.

How do you find a PI attorney when you don't have a big injury?

Steven’s Answer February 19,2016

Many good personal injury attorneys handle big cases and small ones as well. Many of us are more interested in the quality of the case and the person than just how big it is.


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Can I expect to get or ask for more money because besides being negligent, the driver also left the scene? 

My foot was run over by an Uber driver.  After he ran over my foot her took off. I contacted Uber and told them and went to the ER. When I tried to file a police report I pulled up the app and Uber had hid his info....

Steven’s Answer on Dec 22, 2015

The value of your personal injury case is related to the nature, extent and duration of your injuries, and also the chances that you may not be able to prove negligence in court. You do not get extra money because somebody left the scene.