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If you are in need of legal service, you need an attorney with experience and integrity.  Open communication and prompt responsiveness to the particular needs of each individual client are part of the quality legal service that you deserve.

Civil Litigation

Defense of Lawsuits

Uninsured Businesses

Commercial Disputes

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You Have Rights

If you've been hurt at work, you have rights under the Illinois Workers Compensation Act.  You have the right to choose a doctor and have your medical bills paid, to have be paid under workers comp while you're off work, and to receive fair compensation for your  disability.

Professional Drivers

Contested Cases

Industrial Disease

Serious Injuries

Lifting Injures


Important Decisions

If you've been hurt in an accidental injury, you have immediate decisions to make.  You may need to address medical care, property damage, time off work and insurance.  You need an experienced advocate on your side.

Auto Accidents  

     Serious Injuries

     All Insurance Carriers

     Uninsured Motorists

     Trucking Accidents

     Motorcycle Accidents

Slip & Fall

Wrongful Death

Nursing Home Negligence

Tavern Liabitiy