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"Our court system is far from perfect," I like to tell juries, "but it is the best system in the world, the best system there has ever been."   The court process is a peaceful, orderly method of dispute resolution.  With an experienced advocate on your side, you have a great chance for a fair result.

The Court system can also be overwhelming, time consuming, expensive, and potentially devastating.   But, it doesn't need to be that way. If you have the right attorney on your side, litigation is simply the way you resolve a dispute.

If you have been sued, or if you need to file a lawsuit, SIGLAW may be exactly what you need.

What Should I do if I've been 

Served With a Summons?

Have you been served with a summons?  If so, the clock is running.  In most situations, you have 28 days from the date you were served with a summons to file an appearance in court. However, there are different rules and time frames for different types of litigation and different jurisdictions.   You should read both sides of the summons carefully.  You should also read the complaint carefully, including the end where it asks for specific relief.  If you ignore the summons, what they are asking for is exactly what they will get.  If you've been served with a summons for a matter not covered by insurance, contact an attorney immediately.  

The Court System Can Be Intimidating !

You need an experienced, effective advocate on your side.
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