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With 30 years of experience, we're dedicated to making sure that our clients  get the results they need and deserve. 

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When you experience an injury, everything can change – we know that at SIGLAW. Established in 1989, the Law Office of Steven A. Sigmond has represented thousands of clients in the areas of Personal Injury, Workers Compensation, civil litigation and general practice.

At the Law Office of Steven A. Sigmond, we are dedicated to providing the highest level of service while building and maintaining a close relationship with each of our clients.   We are located in the Fulton River District of downtown Chicago. We are a short walk from the Daley Center and Thompson Center, and most days attorney Sigmond is in Court or at the Illinois Workers Compensation Commission litigating personal injury and workers compensation cases in order to enforce the rights of our clients, maximize recovery and obtain the fair results that our clients deserve. 

Part of each day is also dedicated to answering questions from our existing clients and potential new clients.  The initial consultation by phone or email is always free, and each consultation is personally provided by the firm's founder, Steven A. Sigmond.  To have your question answered, just click on the contact us button or give us a call.

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